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Local, regional and international. No client is more important than another. We treat all clients and projects as equally important.


insight has worked with this client on data analytics projects, database development, advanced visualization dashboards, and CRM development.


After many years in their industry, this client asked us to help them select a CRM system for their marketing purposes. We developed, configured and designed the back and front end, and developed all related marketing reports.


This client approached us for consultation on how to transition from a small, local business to a larger, regional business. We helped our client develop their website, data policy, database, and created visualisation analytics dashboards for all aspects of the business.


insight developed all operational processes for this client. Training material, database integration, analytics dashboards, marketing reports, profitability reports, and client management reports.


Seeking a better understanding of their month to month P&L, insight UAE worked with this client to integrate their timekeeping system with advanced analytics reports and dashboards


insight developed and managed the monthly ordering process to eliminate wrong orders. Our advanced analytics and data integration from various sources and dealership has proved to be 100% accurate


insight helped this client grow their business. Using advanced analytics, we conducted a market study into their industry to help them develop the right strategy for their business.


insight worked with this client from the very beginning. Helping them develop a pricing strategy, analyze. the market in the F&B industry and develop their advanced analytics processes and dashboards

Clients: Clients

Our Testimonials Do the Talking

Our Reputation Speaks for Itself

insight has proven to be a valuable partner in our quest for data accuracy and understanding our clients better

Thank to insight, we are able to monitor employee utilization and profitability at any given time using their custom visualisation dashboards

Through advanced analytics and CRM management, insight has helped us understand our marketing campaigns better and also helped us retain and win new clients.

Clients: Testimonials
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